When asked why she wanted to write a memoir and expose her most intimate memories and experiences to an unsuspecting public, Audrey answered:

“In the beginning, I wanted to leave a legacy for my grandchildren who could not fathom what it was like to grow up in rural Texas in the 1940s without electricity or running water. As I continued writing, the book took on a life of its own. It began to feel like a calling.

It’s a story about accepting our humanity, about living through traumatic events in childhood, and even more so as an adult, and by the grace of God, coming to lead a fulfilling and productive life.

I believed that readers would find it compelling to learn about banking in the 1970s and 1980s; about what it was like for a woman, without a college degree, to rise through the ranks of a mostly male-dominated profession.

My book is very much a spiritual journey, and details how those who believe in us as mentors and friends carry us through to redemption.”

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