“The Well takes readers on a journey from the Texas plains to the Oklahoma City banking industry, as Audrey Streetman struggles successfully through family issues of mental illness, low income and divorce. Streetman never loses her ability to love, adapt and stand up for women’s rights in a profession once dominated by men. Her story offers encouragement to everyone that grit and determination can lead to success and happiness in the face of adversity.”

Robert Ferrier, author of Dear Mr. Kapps.

“In the realm of memoir, What-Ifs are as significant as the What Happeneds. Audrey Streetman’s clear eye and compelling voice invite us to share her journey and savor it. Read this book.”

Sandra Soli, author of What Trees Know.

“Audrey Streetman shares her journey through fear and sorrow to grace and success in delightful prose that reads like a novel. As we witness her traumatic experiences and her acceptance of the unacceptable, we too are left with a sense of grace and hope.”

Lolly Anderson, author of How My Magic Refrigerator Sent Me to Paris Free, 7 Rules to Make Dreams Come True

“Few writers have the gift for language, combined with the willingness to reveal the unvarnished folds of their psyche, necessary to produce a memoir of such emotional depth and honesty. I suspect that it is impossible to read this book without learning something not only about the author, but about yourself.”

William Bernhardt, New York Times Bestselling author